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Behind every Oxygen designer/developer is a go-to tool that gets them results. Fast-track your workflow with Oxyblocks so you can focus on what matters most.


OxyBlocks requires you to have these two plugins
Oxygen Builder
The ultimate visual site builder for Wordpress.
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The most responsive, no-nonsense utility framework ever.

Show, don't tell

You want to see what you’re buying into, right? Of course you do! Oxyblocks comes with hundreds of unique blocks and sections.
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Do it all, and then some

Fully customisable

Make your website yours. With Oxyblocks and its plethora of components, you'll be given unlimited power. You won’t need anything else (besides Oxygen and Automatic.CSS...).
Perfectly responsive

Looks great everywhere

Oxyblocks utilises a robust and responsive framework, which means you can be confident that your site won't break on your or anybody else’s 10 year old smartphone.
Stop wasting time

Crunch time who?

Scope creep and deadlines are a fact of life. We’ve built you the building blocks for your project so you don’t have to. All you have to do is give it your personal touch, sprinkle some magic and it’s off to the races!
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What’s included in this price? Everything.
All design sets
All future updates
3+ unique blocks
Use on unlimited websites
Lifetime access
Your time back
Still not convinced? Check out the library.
* The price will increase as more blocks are added to the library!

What is OxyBlocks?

Oxyblocks is a collection of design sets for Oxygen Builder built with the AutomaticCSS Framework.

How do I install it?

You don't you just need to copy and paste blocks from the library with Hydrogen Paste (free).

How many blocks are there?

The collection is always growing. There are over 100 available blocks with more on the way!

How does it work?

Check out the documentation to learn more about Oxyblocks and how it works.

Is this seriously for life?

For reals. You pay once and you get to keep using it forever. The price will increase as Oxyblocks grows.

Still looking for answers?

Join the community or get in contact with us directly and we’ll try my best to get you sorted!
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