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How it works

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Design sets and components are crafted at OxyBlocks
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Made for Oxygen

Knock it out of the park with quality design sets and a robust framework
Design Set A

Super Set

Build your next Oxygen website with the OxyBlocks Super Set, a design set packed with hundreds of *super* ready-made blocks and sections spanning across 30 different categories!
We have created a robust CSS framework that works natively with Oxygen without the need for any additional plugins!
And yes, we're using it 😉
Works with Oxygen straight out of the metaphorical box
Make the framework yours by tweaking it to fit your project
Designed to be able to work alongside other popular CSS frameworks
All padding, margin and sizes have responsiveness built-in

Frequently asked questions

What is OxyBlocks?
OxyBlocks is a collection of design sets for Oxygen Builder built on a custom framework with responsiveness and accessibility in mind!
How do I use OxyBlocks?
To use OxyBlocks, you'll need to install the Asura Connector plugin to import your license and get started!
How many blocks are there?
The plan is to grow the collection over time, with new additions coming in every week or so. When we reach the 100 block milestone, the early-bird period will expire!
How do the CTA blocks work?
We use Fluent Forms as the foundation for our form blocks. and due to the unique nature of styling these in Oxygen, you need click on the custom JavaScript menu item in the Oxygen editor  and click on "Apply code" to see the styling. The form should look perfectly fine on the front-end regardless.
How many sites can I use OxyBlocks on?
There are 3 plans available and depending on which plan you opt for, you'll be able to use OxyBlocks on the number of sites specified in the plan details. Of course you're able to upgrade your plan to a higher one if you need more sites at any time.
What if there's no answer to my question?
You could try checking out the Documentation. Otherwise you can shoot me an email over at [email protected] and I'll get you sorted!
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